Testaferrata Gate, Gzira, Malta

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Photo dated 2013, Before Restoration:


After Restoration in 2014:



Testaferrata Gate is a historical arch with the coat of arms of Testaferrata visible. It is close to the wall of Muscat Motors’ showroom and is located in the western part of Triq l-Imsida, Gzira. It was one of two built at the ends of a property owned by Baron Testaferrata as stated in an original inscription. Testaferrata Gate was never moved or demolished, but the other gate, which was in the limit of Ta” Xbiex, it’s original place is unknown and it was never rebuilt by the Authorities.

A past restoration attempt on Testaferrata Gate had detrimental effects on the masonry as restoration was not professionally done in 1908, resulting in its rapid decay until two years ago when it was restored professionally.

Most of the inscription on top of this monument is lost but from the Testaferrata family we are informed that it used to read as follows:-

D. O. M.
Publicae Privataeque Commoditat Viam
ex Praedis Baronis Testaferrata
Fr. Nicolaus Butius
Ex Rudi in Meliorem Formam
Sterni curavit


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