The Gaiety Cinema, once a vibrant hub of entertainment in High Street, Sliema, Malta, was inaugurated on December 23, 1930, by Governor Sir John Du Cane. Replacing the former "Teatru Victoria," the cinema was owned by Salvu Sultana and boasted a seating capacity of 1,250. This iconic venue shared High Street with notable establishments such as Tower Supermarket (now Welbees) , iCentre, and was positioned just opposite Barclays Bank, which later transitioned to Mid-Med Bank, then HSBC, and is now occupied by NEXT. The cinema also had an accessible exit on Cathedral Street, allowing entrance from this area in the 1950s and 60s. Despite its past prominence and the nostalgia it holds for many, the Gaiety Cinema has joined the list of Malta’s lost cinemas. Today, the area has undergone significant changes including hosting the US embassy for a short time. In the photo we can see the Blue Lantern Bar, once owned by Mr. Mallia, which no longer exists.

Gaiety Sliema

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